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Bj Feihong Hengxin Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Feihong Hengxin Technology Co. Ltd. is located at the core area Chinese Silicon Valley - Beijing Zhongguancun, is a professional agent of world famous brand of power electronic devices and the distribution of high-tech companies. The main agents and distribution of Infineon Technologies (INFINEON), ViewSonic g (EUPEC), Simon Kang (SEMIKRON), IXYS, AEG, TYCO, Siemens, Japan Mitsubishi, Fuji, Toshiba, Hitachi, three cooperatives, Sanken, INTHA, USA IR, Switzerland ABB, Britain Xima, DYNEX, Spain CATELEC, Italy (Ansaldo companies such as POSEICO) produced GTR, IGBT, IPM, PIM, SCR, GTO, bridge rectifier, diodes, field effect module and Japan Fuji (FUJI), the day of the (HINODE), France (FERRAZ), Roland British GOULD, German BUSSMANN, USA Siemens fast fuse; Japan Hitachi, Hei Jingang, ruby, the German EPCOS, British BHC electrolytic capacitor and American CDE non inductive capacitor; IGBT driver

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